Private Virtual Numerology Sessions with Larissa, The Intuitive Numerologist.
During your time with Larissa you will clarify your strengths, weaknesses and
Much more. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create the path to living a
More aligned and fulfilled life. Larissa will provide you with your unique numeric
Blueprint for achieving a deeper level of mastery and success in all areas of life.

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“Soooo Larissa’s Soul Charts are SPOOKY ACCURATE. Every single word, paragraph- all 110% aligned in every way.”

-Rachel Pedersen
The Queen of Social Media
“..The Tribe is a place where we can be comfortable to communicate and be ourselves with like-minded people. It’s a place where you are not judged for your views and encouraged to share who you really are…I have been a member for a year, and I learn something new all the time! I use all of Larissa’s tools that she teaches.  As the TRIBE has grown, I have grown with it. Larissa is always bringing in new energy and advice to bring the TRIBE to the next level. I feel blessed to be part of it!”

-Maria F.
“When I saw Larissa for the first time on a live video, I could just tell she was the person I needed to work with next to help me level up, learn more, and become more confident in my spiritual gifts. Her numerology report was an amazing in site, however the Goddess Giving Tribe has become like a family to me. It’s a place where I go to learn and where I am supported.  Larissa’s weekly live is motivational and insightful and I always leave knowing and feeling I can take on my week.”

-Kelli Oster
“Before I spoke with Larissa, I really had no idea what a Soul Chart was, and though I knew numerology could help me I didn’t understand exactly how. All I can say is WOW. Larissa took the time to send me a 20-page report FULL of information about who I am and why I do things based on my numbers and the accuracy is crazy! She knew things about me that I didn’t even fully understand or know how to harness. I definitely recommend getting your Soul Chart from Larissa to ANYONE who wants a better understanding of what motivates them and what helps them live their best lives. ”

-Liberty Edwards
Founder, The Selfie/Glow Up Coach
“Goddess Giving Tribe has created a new me. I have met so many great people that share the same interests in life. There was an instant connection with Larissa and the Tribe, it’s been great- match made in heaven. ”

– Zerye Quinones
“I have always been interested in spirituality and wanted to know/ work with this; the unknown. Since being very young I would feel or know things out of the blue but couldn’t explain it. Were these some hidden gifts? Was I born with this? I see Larissa as a mentor. I love the spontaneous interactions with the Tribe.  I took a leap of faith joining the Tribe after a devastating loss that broke my heart. The Tribe has taught me about my own soul’s journey and I’m having so much fun while learning this about myself. This was a gift for me.”

-Martine Van Esbroeck

About me

Hi There,
I’m Larissa

For the last several years I’ve learned from some of the best and most sought after professionals in the online industry. What I’ve come to realize is that all the training in the world won’t lead you to happiness unless your cup is full and you’re living your purpose. Everyone deserves to live a life filled with love, alignment, purpose, and joy. Sadly, many are not and I saw my friends hiding their greatness from the world and struggling to create a life of their dreams. My mission is a simple one, help my friends win by discovering what sets their soul on fire and put the joy back in their journey so they can live their dreams.

Find your purpose

What is the Tribe? Long story short, it is my dream that came true. I have created this community to ensure that unlike me, no one feels alone, on their spiritual journey. I wanted to make sure it was a conduit to serve your soul and teach you the different principles and spiritual tools you have within you. It’s a spiritual safe space filled with over 100 incredible women who have become my second family. When I teach, guide and perform weekly intuitive readings, I am being divinely guided.



Learn how to make NUMEROLOGY & SPIRITUALITY a part of your daily life & see why 500k Followers are enjoying Goddess Giving.



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