Goddess Elite Program

There are a few things money can’t buy and that’s happiness. Many people see successful people like yourself and assume that they have a life full of rainbows & pixie dust and that’s not true. Money doesn’t make you whole its spiritual alignment, clarity and living your life according to your soul’s purpose. When we understand our soul’s unique blueprint this becomes a map to the freedom & energy we all crave. I find that my clients who have this information become so much more powerful because they have the resources, tools & skills to not only create and live their dream life but to build a legacy. Knowing your energy, challenges, blocks and specific life lessons that were given to you at birth is the number one thing money can’t buy and that’s knowledge. What you do with that knowledge is power and I look forward to guiding you to fully harness the greatness that’s inside of you. This mentorship program is why application only after reviewing your application you will have a meeting with Larissa to go over the program in-depth so she can customize your program according to your current needs. If your application is accepted and you’re ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey here are some of What you can expect from the Mastermind. If you know anything about Larissa she pours into her Tribe and in this program she is going to be your Goddess Bestie making sure you get the results you desire.

This 6-month Intuitive Mentorship is for the Goddess looking for a spiritual life coach. This is a unique and individual experience that will focus on future forecasting for the upcoming years. During our time together and with our fellow Goddess we will explore the most intimate relationships in your life to of two develop even stronger connections with those you love.

The private group will further support your individual healing, alignment, and growth in a small safe space. This will focus on personal strengths and challenges in your intimate lives, professional lives as well as improving the bonds between parents and children. We will discuss how you can optimize the positive aspects and identify the weaknesses
that make you feel stuck so you can live more aligned.

During this mastermind the information you receive will help you navigate your day-to-day interactions in a way that will help you achieve sustainable and thriving relationships that bring you more joy. You are worthy of receiving love in all areas of your life and your angels want to guide you to your destiny. I am honored to serve you and look forward to supporting you on your journey.

  • Personalized questionnaire at sign-up to tailor and customize the program to your needs.
  • Monthly private session with Larissa that she will intuitively focus on your current situation, needs, blocks and creating an action plan to open you up to experience more growth
  • Complete Numerology Soul chart that will be the foundation of your mentorship.
  • Personalized monthly energy map so you can make the most of your specific energy when making decisions.
  • Personalized Monthly Angel Message
  • Monthly Angel Guide connection
  • Weekly Grounding and healing / meditation session
  • Weekly Mastermind Live soul session
  • Private Voxer app & community to support you in your life
  • Personality Profile
  • Blending / Living the according to your des*ny numbers
  • Future Forecasting
  • Compatible numbers
  • Karmic lessons
  • Soul contracts
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The Elite mastermind is specifically for the person who wants to grow and develop on a spiritual level so they can live a happier more aligned life. This program will support you to achieve a greater awareness and strategies to fulfill your souls contract and mission. When you say yes to being a part of this Elite Mastermind program you're saying YES to the future you always knew was possible.
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