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Have you ever asked yourself: who am I, what is my purpose, how am I supposed to be living, why do I do that… can I make a difference, will my life matter? What if you had the answers to those questions?

Think of what that information could provide you with. A blueprint to who you are and why you are the way you are. A plan for your greatness to be shared with others. A complete structure to your purpose and how to fulfill it.

Find your purpose?

What is the Tribe? Long story short, it is my dream that came true. I have created this community to ensure that unlike me, no one feels alone, on their spiritual journey. I wanted to make sure it was a conduit to serve your soul and teach you the different principles and spiritual tools you have within you. It’s a spiritual safe space filled with over 100 incredible women who have become my second family. When I teach, guide and perform weekly intuitive readings, I am being divinely guided.

About Me

Hi There,

I’m Larissa

For the last several years I’ve learned from some of the best and most sought after professionals in the online industry. What I’ve come to realize is that all the training in the world won’t lead you to happiness unless your cup is full and you’re living your purpose. Everyone deserves to live a life filled with love, alignment, purpose, and joy. Sadly, many are not and I saw my friends hiding their greatness from the world and struggling to create a life of their dreams. My mission is a simple one, help my friends win by discovering what sets their soul on fire and put the joy back in their journey so they can live their dreams.



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