Larissa Martincic

Intuitive Numerologist

Activate Your Divine Design and
Step into your Greatness

Are you ready to tap into your highest potential and become a Master Divine Creator ?

Are you ready to have a session with Larissa? So you can receive the guidance you need to reconnect to your soul purpose and live an authentic, meaningful, loving and happy life?

It’s time to UNLOCK your DIVINE code

Start creating the blueprint to go beyond your
Limiting beliefs so you can reach your highest potential.

NUMEROLOGY & Intuitive SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE is the best combination to UNLOCK Soul’s DIVINE DESIGN.
The sessions will act as a roadmap to your life with a personal forecast to know exactly what your future holds and intuitively create a plan for you to move forward to experience more love, growth, and abundance. You will uncover your life’s weaknesses and blocks as to why you’re not living in flow with your desires. When you walk away from this session you will know how to live a more aligned and enlightened life.

Have you ever wondered what your life has planned for you? What is your soul’s divine purpose?

You know you came here to do big things and that you were meant for more. If you feel Called to explore your power then I invite you to take the Next step to activate your highest power and step into your highest frequency. Your unique soul profile, soul code, soul destiny, soul purpose and soul expression is all within you waiting to be unlocked so you can manifest your dreams.

What is a Soul Session all about?

During our time together I will show you many aspects of your life and will reveal specific life lessons you must master throughout your life. During our session we will begin to reveal certain patterns of success and the limiting characteristics that hold you back from living your purpose.
We will dive deep into your Soul’s Divine Design and create a roadmap to know exactly what your future holds and intuitively create a plan for you to move forward to experience more love, growth, and abundance.

I will guide you to create the foundation needed to achieve clarity, accelerate alignment
And open those doors of opportunities for ultimate success. If you are thinking of making a BIG life change
You’re in the right place at the right time.

It takes courage and commitment to make this shift.
I promise you that you will grow as a result of your unique soul session.
Are you ready to come out of the spiritual closet and raise your consciousness?

What is a Soul Session like?

A session with me is an Unique Connection created by DIVINE specifically for you
Each session is unique to you, your frequency and your goals. Your Divine
Soul Design is a creation between you and your divine team of light.

What you can expect…

This is a high-level container that will take you on the journey of your lifetime. You will claim your next level life in every single aspect and I will be there to support you. I’m excited to be on this journey with you and support you through your life’s obstacles. .

  • Future Forecasting and predictions  
  • Each session is guided and since no two are alike we might go a little over time.
  • Intuitive guidance to develop a deeper connection with your angel guides.
  • Understanding of your yearly theme, specific lessons, and what to focus on.
  • Gain clarity & direction to make aligned decisions for the year & beyond
  • Complete with a soul design guide

Together let’s Activate Your Divine Design and Step into your Greatness. Each session is 45 minutes. All sessions are done on zoom. They are recorded and sent to you within 48 hours.

It is time to connect and receive guidance and allow miracles to happen. Are you ready and willing to take this journey with me and raise your frequency?

If you want to test the water and see how our working together affects your life,
I offer a single session option. This is one time session.



If you would like to go deeper into your awakening and activate the higher states of consciousness of working together in repeated sessions is recommended. This will support you in shifting to break the patterns and blocks that hold you back and begin to create a new reality.
All sessions must be completed within a 6 month window.



This is recommended for those ready to create big changes in their life, relationships and business or all of it. Be ready to do some big shifting while learning to stay in abstract frequencies. This is a SOUL CHANGER! All sessions must be completed within a 12 month window.

I have a SPECIAL BONUS for you.
After our first session you will receive access inside my private membership community

The Goddess Giving Tribe
Inside this community you will experience weekly teachings, Live readings, Members only content, Affirmations & Journal prompts, Special guests, Q&A & more. 3 Soul Session Bundle will receive 3 month FREE ( $144 Value ) 6 Soul Session Bundle will receive 6 months FREE ( $288 Value)

When you book the 6 Soul Session Bundle

You will receive additional one on one support FROM ME during our time together until you’ve used all six sessions.
After OUR FIRST SESSION I will be available for extra guidance to dive deeper and
walk with you on your journey. Think of it as an all access pass to me!
Larissa at your fingertips

We will continue the coaching on a private app called VOXER. This platform will allow me to give you individualized MENTORSHIP based upon your needs.. This very special offer will be open on specific days of the week that I will be available to you for whatever you need. This opportunity will allow you to message me & receive real time support and guidance in your life.


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Discovery Call

If you’re unsure of which option is right for you and need some clarity. Simply click this link to set up your Discovery call so we can discuss which option serves you best. There are limited spots available for these offers so please don’t hesitate. 

or email here: