Soul Session + Future Mapping + Soul Chart. 1 hour

Have you ever wondered what your life has planned for you? Or what is your souls! purpose and how you’re meant to reach your highest potential? This 1-hour session will dive deep into your Souls Numeric blue-print which is a profile of your soul destiny. This session will act as a roadmap to your life complete with 3-year personal forecast to know exactly what your future holds and intuitively create a plan for you to move forward to experience more love, growth and abundance. You will uncover your life’s weaknesses and blocks as to why you’re not living in flow with your desires. When you walk away from this session you will know how to live a more aligned and enlightened life.
You will receive an extensive 20+ page Numerology Soul Chart (via email) so you can have a complete report of your souls destiny, strengths, weaknesses, purpose and ore. It will guide you to create the foundation needed to achieve clarity, accelerate alignment and empower you to open those doors of opportunities and reach your ultimate success. This Chart along with the future forecasting will be something you can use as a guide for the rest of your life.

Soul Session + Future Mapping. 45 minutes

Larissa will channel and deliver messages that come through to support you on a soul level. You will walk away with a better understanding of your vibration and frequency to find alignment and clarity in your life. This will set you up to have more success and ease with direct on how to move forward for your highest good during the present & up-coming year. If you are thinking of making a BIG life change this is the session for you. Want to know if this is the year to buy that house OR change career path? During this session we will map out the next several years of your life and identify what you need to focus on complete with a 2 year forecast prediction chart. We will dive into your current reality and how to properly plan for your future according to a numerology blueprint of your soul. You will walk away with a better understanding of your theme and specific lessons to find alignment and clarity in your life. This will set you up to have more success and ease in the upcoming year. It will provide a deeper connection and guidance with your angels and give you a plan to achieve your goals.

Soul Session – 45 minute reading

We are all connected to divine light & each of us live as one. During this healing soul session you will be guided to tap into this eternal connection. As I intuitively guide you to open up to this invisible, infinite intelligence that orchestrates all of life you will release the blocks that are holding you back and open up a new door to your own infinite potential.

Goddess Elite Voxer Coaching – Discovery Call

I’m so thrilled to be able to offer you GODDESS ELITE MENTORING! This unique spiritual guidance is created for the woman on the go so you have the support you need. There are 3 offers for you to choose from that I think will support you on your journey. If you feel I am able to guide you and your wanting spiritual support please choose the offer that best supports your needs and current situation. Simply respond back to this email with your decision and I will send over and invoice and the next steps so we can get started. There are limited spots available for these offers so please don’t hesitate. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I am happy to answer. 


This is carefully created for the woman on the go who need direct support, guidance and support ant her fingertips. This is A high-level container that will take you on the journey of your lifetime You will claim your next level life in every single aspect and I will be there to carry it all with you. Every heartbreak, every triumph we will go through together. After one year in my world with this very intimate connection through our sessions you will step into deeper relationships, claim your inner Goddess, set boundaries, and live an inspired spiritual aligned life overflowing with pleasure and creation. You will love your souls purpose and operate from a higher frequency, the way you were always meant to. The way we do one thing is typically how we do everything but we can only become a master of our destiny when we become aware of our numeric code. Together will unlock your secret code of you soul and create a roadmap to live it to the fullest.

What’s Included:

Four Private in person soul readings for intense discoveries and planning & Soul chart Monthly Future Predictions to create a custom plan for you to align to your souls destiny Monthly guided angel message for creating a deeper spiritual connection to your angels. Monthly Aligned journal prompts, affirmations and meditations for healing Direct access to me on the 1st and 15th of every month to support you in all areas of you life. 

1:1 Coaching FOR 90 DAYS!

LET’S REDISCOVER YOUR DESTINY Consider The Voxer Messenger Access to me as your intuitive GUIDE “Larissa on Speed Dial” With This Exclusive Service, You Are Able To Receive Support And Real-Time Coaching Throughout Your 90 day roadmap to discover your souls destiny. Each Month you will be given a custom plan for your souls energy and goals that are unique to you souls plan with unique strategies to live it. I will create customized guided angel message for creating a deeper spiritual connection to your angels. You are able to message me with text or voice memos on the 1st and 15th of the month to receive direct coaching, readings, healings and more. Over 90 days I will support you in clarifying your deepest desires and serve as a spiritual coach by providing a roadmap to help you claim more for

What’s Included:

One in person soul reading for intense discoveries and planning fo future Prediction for the upcoming season. A guided angel message specific for you so you can create a deeper spiritual connection to your angels. Direct access to me on the 1st and 15th of every month to support you in all areas of you life. 

Are you ready?

Goddess Elite Program

Start your transformational spiritual journey today. The Elite Mastermind program is carefully curated for each individual to allow you to achieve all your goals and desires.