Dec 15, 2021

The meaning of spirituality is different to everyone but it is a connection to something greater than us and learning to build a relationship to tap into it. Through my own spiritual journey, I find that I desire peace and balance, the best way for me to get grounded is to listen to a book on Audible. I love to listen while I clean or work out. Reading (listening lol) is a great way to explore my spirituality and discover new meaning through books. 

I put together this list of some of my favorite books not only for beginners but for the experienced as well. Some of these books may not speak to you now but may down the road. Let yourself be guided to what you need in 2022.  I hope you find at least one you will enjoy!

1.NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER – A renowned psychic medium teaches us how to recognize and interpret the life-changing messages from loved ones and spirit guides on the Other Side. CLICK HERE

2.Simple, practical guide that shows you the act of writing to your angels and receiving answers so that you can take the initiative and ask them for help. CLICK HERE

3. Learn practices that can be put to use immediately and profound revelations that will dissolve fears and uncertainty, anxiety and pain. CLICK HERE

4. Easy step-by-step guide to look up your shealth challenge and you will find the probable cause for this health issue and the information you need to overcome it by creating a new thought pattern. CLICK HERE

5. This book makes sense out of the signs that spirit and our loved ones have given us our whole life. It includes an unprecedented comprehensive chapter on how to work through grief as well as chapters on how spiritual growth helps even with losses not death related, such as a relationship ending or a career ending. CLICK HERE

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite book and why.


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