July: A month to make some waves.

Jul 5, 2022

July 2022 = 4 ENERGY

I love summer!  And while we know Vitamin D is good for the soul and I encourage you to get outside and put the isolating and dreary winter months behind us, it’s also a month to get back to the drawing board and time to get organized.

This month you will be wanting to plan your life, review the details, focus your priorities as things seem a bit more structured this month. Focus on cleaning up and clearing out because you’ve been so busy that the past 6 months you’ve lost track of the vision you created for your 2022 year.

This is a great month to work on your vision board and create some new lists. Both your personal and professional life will feel a bit more demanding, and you might be resentful that it’s all falling on you to get the job done but you can do this. You have the ability to create a more secure foundation for your future this month. Be on the lookout for contracts and deadlines as there will be no room for mistakes. This month the details matter so do not skip any steps in your life.

Efficiency is the key to your success this month so do not take any short cuts because it will backfire on you.

While clearing and organizing the home should be your focal point, this month, I also want you to take advantage of the good weather, entertain your loved ones and do things that make you feel revitalized.

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I wish you a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend and an incredible month ahead.  



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