May Newsletter

May 3, 2022

I don’t know about you but when I think about May I immediately think of a few things; Flowers, Nature and Justin Timberlake’s It’s Gonna Be May memes. I kid, I kid. May to me has always been a special month. I close out my birthday month, of April, that is truly my time to be introspective and humbled by all of my blessings but then I look forward to the celebration of being a mother and enjoying the outdoors. The spiritual meaning of May has a lot to do with fertility – bringing new life and the cycle of nature that blooms.

May is a 2 Energy.  What does that mean? 

After an action-packed April this month is the rest, you’ve been waiting for. Now don’t think because you’re slowing down that means you stop progressing forward because that is not the goal of the month. You need to be a bit kinder to yourself during this time as the last 5 months have caused you to change, expand and grow in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Take this month to find some time to balance all this energy you’re feeling. Focus on being more of a supportive partner in all your relationships, business, and personal life. You will need a lot of patience and cooperation this month for you to navigate successfully through this energy. Let your gut guide you and trust your intuition. It is always right.  Don’t be fooled by what is being shown to you. You’re going to feel more sensitive but that’s ok because the contrast you will feel is only coming to give you clarity on what you truly desire. Embrace your inner psychic, turn to the arts and creative outlets to soothe your soul.

Take some time this month to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful nature that surrounds us.  Appreciate the beauty and take moments during these times to truly center yourself and be present.  Close your eyes and let the smell of lilacs, wet grass on bare feet, bees buzzing, or cool breezes melt away the distractions and obstacles you may face.  They will still be there when you open your eyes, but I promise, so will a new perspective and calmness.

Enjoy this month and all its magic, my beautiful Goddesses! 


I love sharing the crystals of the month with you and I am so excited that after many years I finally found a store that felt like a spiritual safe space.  I wrote an entire blog post about this last month because the experience was so incredible. Amityville Apothecary is this oasis of carefully curated products for meditation, crystals, tarot/oracle readings and astrology. The owners were so sweet they offered all of you a 15% discount if you use my code GoddessGiving15 in-store or online. Here is the link to shop We are currently planning workshops and events to be held there so stay tuned!


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