November Newsletter

Nov 1, 2022

NOVEMBER: Universal Energy of an 8.

This month is all about the sacred warrior and is a month for reflection, realignment and allowing yourself to recognize the strength you possess.   

The eighth of all numbers, 8’s symbolism is that of mind over matter. In the spiritual significance of numbers, Number 8 shows us that strength of will overcomes the material world and lives in perpetuity as our ‘will’ is synonymous with the soul.

The name November is derived from the Latin for ‘ninth month’, which is ‘Novembris mensis’. Being the year’s 11th month, November is endowed with extra metaphysical/spiritual meaning by this

INTENSE ENERGY is pushing you to align to your drama that will move you forward closer to your purpose and change is coming at a fast pace. The intensions you set this month are super critical. Set your intentions so FIRMLY that you see it as a child, or your inner child, that you must protect.  


You’re being gifted an opportunity for long term projects that will support your life
while all the limitations of your life will be removed.  What an incredible gift that is.  What do you have to let go to have more?

How do we move into the FUTURE?

Your guides are about to take you on a journey to move you into a deeper level so you
must be dialed in to what you want to create that is NEW NEW WAYS to align to your deep intentions.  It’s time for you to see the light.  New revelations come to the surface, which is the ideal time for your soul to grow.

YOU CAN NOT BE A CATERPILLAR AND A BUTTERFLY at the SAME TIME. No truer words have been said.  

There will be some pain, some tears, some fears. Some loss but you must lean into that and let go in a gentle loving forgiving way and find gratitude for what was but understanding that it can’t come with you for the next chapter of the journey.

MANIFESTATION TIME is here but you must be willing to stay the course.

Connections and People will change – no harm no foul. The ego and healer will act like you feel you need to save others but this energy must stop with the talk and walk the walk.  

IF you want to be a healer JUST HEAL DO THE WORK. New life will come as a result when you quietly. Do your part without being all things to all people. You do not need to be the best you need to do your BEST.

Your identity is forming. Ask yourself are you serving or rescuing? You do not need to be the expert.  This is not about you, it’s about them and it’s to move past the ego.  Do not waster your energy talking about it, take the time and make it happen.

Questions to ask yourself this month:

How do you behave in alignment with intentions?
How are we nourishing your thoughts?  What are we feeding our brains?
What is on automatically thinking leading to emotions leading to damaging behavior?

You are the soul.  You control what goes in the mind.  To change your current direction in life you must change and rewire your mind or else transformation will not and cannot happen.

Why are you holding on to this?  You must do an inventory of your thoughts and be in control of what you put into your self.  

What resistance do you have that is holding your back and why are you making it harder for your self? You would be surprised to know that so many of us do this.  


People become comfortable in their everyday routine, but one of the larger purposes of being human is to keep learning the lessons of life. The Solar Eclipse creates a ring of fire that ignites your inner Chi energy. Solar Eclipse is the perfect time for artistic creations, business innovation, and starting new healthy life habits. Get off the sofa, get out of the rut, and be the creator you were meant to be!

How to ask questions for yourself:
Guides What do I need to know about my spiritual career?
Guides What do I need to know about my financial path?
How do I learn to listen to my intuition – be willing to learn more about yourself?

Things will go slow

I wish you a wonderful November.  I hope you use this time to truly reflect and find that sacred warrior within yourself. 



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