October Newsletter

Oct 4, 2022

Each of us has a unique purpose. What is yours?

“The month of October is the month for each soul to discover their unique spiritual
connection to source and live a purpose driven life. We all live under the same sky, but
we don’t all have the same horizon.”- Konrad Adenauer

October is a Universal Month Number 7: Spirituality and Purpose

What does spirituality mean to you? This one word has so many meanings and all are correct. Each person must come to their own definition of what spirituality means to them. Since each soul has a different purpose, goal, desires, and life experiences no to two souls can have the same definition of what they believe spirituality means. This month you must ask yourself What is my soul’s Purpose?

Life will forever be testing you because your soul must grow, expand and evolve while learning valuable lessons during your life. You will face obstacles if you haven’t
already and you may even feel like giving up, but quitting is not the option. Quitting is
just a mindset and this month all your success, or lack of will be a result of what images,
thoughts and ideas you mind holds. This month you must realize that you have purpose
and everything will be achieved because you’re a winner.

Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life & becomes the
reasons you get up in the morning. I like to call this the energy that moves you and
lights you up. This question, what is your purpose is difficult for so many to answer.
Your soul’s purpose can impact your life decisions & influence you on all levels. Many
find purpose in meaningful or satisfying work. While others find their purpose in the
responsibilities to their family or friends. Some may even find meaning through
spirituality or religious beliefs. Some people may find their purpose is clear and others
feel they never truly know. A souls Purpose is unique for everyone, and I believe my
purpose is to help you uncover what yours is. I’ve spent my time showing you your
numeric blueprint to identify your path to living a more purpose driven life. The biggest misconception is that we have ONE single soul’s purpose, but this can
change throughout your life.

The goal of this month is to reconnect to your soul:

Who am I?
What do I love?
Where do I feel aligned?
When do I feel fulfilled?
How do I enjoy spending my time?
What would I do if money were no object?
Do I know of someone who does daily what I dream of doing?
Do they have a career created around my passions?
How can I Implement this into my current reality?
Can my passions help or support others?
What am I really good at?
Could someone pay me for my skills and passions?
Can I be on a personal quest to discover the meaning of my life?
How can I work on & improve my personal & spiritual development?

I love sharing my personal growth and journey with you on a daily basis.  I am honest, sometimes to a fault (sorry TMI), but I feel if I wasn’t, what is the point.

We all have good days and bad.  It doesn’t matter how evolved you are, we all get down but one thing I have noticed is that as I’ve become more dedicated to my practice and daily meditations, my reaction and response is way different.  That is what I want for you.  One of the greatest parts of this online community is when you share your personal wins with me.  While I try my best to respond to each one of you, if I don’t, it’s not because I don’t see you.  Not only do I see you, but I am one of your biggest cheerleaders.  I promise.

One really amazing thing happened to me this month and it has truly humbled me.  From the moment I started my spiritual journey my biggest obstacle was finding a destination that offered products that could help me learn and understand my abilities.  Hay House was the only place I found that what I needed, and I have bought hundreds of products since.  They have never disappointed me and continue to be the largest publisher of inspirational, spiritual and transformational books and products.  My dream has always been, to one day, collaborate with them in some form.  This week they followed me on social media.  Now, it might not seem like a big deal but when your version of Michael Jordan follows and reaches out to you while only following 79 people and now you are number 79, it’s a big freaking deal. 

My point being, I have done a lot of work on my end to be noticed by my hero.  This is a win for me.  However big or small it is I am living in gratitude and grace and look forward to where this can take me.  I will continue my daily work and be open and looking forward to what my future holds.

For you, you must create the vision for your future and understand that you have what it takes to go the distance. You might be feeling defeated and ready to give up but those who go to
the end will get endless limitless blessings. It’s time to go bigger because you’re not

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead with lots of tricks and treats J



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