September Newsletter

Sep 1, 2022

I always find September to be such a busy, exciting month.  The kids are back to school and our schedules take on a new energy.  Even though the weather is similar for the next month or so, I find a shift in myself and I’m already thinking about my comfy sweaters and some pumpkin spice.

Personally, this year brought great change to our family. We packed our oldest daughter, my baby, and drove her up to college.  I cannot even believe I am writing these words. Honestly, where does the time go?  

We all go through these bittersweet, beautiful moments at one point or another and I always come out the other side reflecting on how I handled each.  In this case, I found myself thinking of my own mother and losing her this past year.  I reminisced on bringing my first born home and how she introduced me to a love that I never knew, and I thought about all of the soccer games and sacrifices me, and my husband made throughout the years for her to thrive. 

I always find it extraordinary how the energy of each month truly mirrors what is going on in our lives. This is a personal month number 6.  It’s all about taking responsibility, dropping the excuses at the door and nurturing a new path ahead.  Could it be any clearer?

Do not be afraid of the worst things that will happen to you in the future. In other words,

This is your chance to make things better, start to plant the seeds of hope and create new habits that allow you to step into this powerful energy.

Each step will lead you to the next, but you must be consistent with your efforts. You will want the work to be done for you or for others to provide the path forward but you’re the one with the map. The responsibility of your happiness falls on you. You will feel motivated to keep moving forward because the experiences you’ve had over the last 8 months have prepared you for this next chapter. You’re taking on the role of the ultimate nurturer, providing unconditional love and support to all people and things you wish to develop, grow and evolve. 

It’s time to build your dream future because you understand yourself more than ever. You know what you want but more importantly you know what you don’t want. It’s ok that you’ve allowed yourself to get knocked off course because there were many valuable lessons in your detour. Now it’s time to get back on course and drive yourself to your destiny, remember you’re always in charge and you always have choices. 

This month you will have opportunities to improve your overall abundance and it will transform your life making you a match to attract what you desire. You will walk with a sense of maturity and wisdom that only comes with life experiences. Every negative challenge you faced will now become the experienced that brought you new opportunities for growth. This energy is asking you to become a Goddess and let your divine power shine through you. The opportunities you crave will come once you stand in your full power. work give you the opportunity. 

Change is good.  It can hurt, at times, but it is a reminder of how our lives are continuously evolving and how we handle each of these moments is a reflection and reminder of our natural resilience.  Stay focused and mindful on the personal you strive to be.




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