Sunday Sauce with a side of Spirit

Sep 1, 2021

Picture the scene: Early 80’s, New York, big Italian family meeting up in Brooklyn every Sunday for amazing food and family. Me, age 6 or 7, constantly hanging around my Great Aunt Rita when all the cousins would play in the other room.  I was too young to understand why I was so drawn to my Aunt. There would be a room full of people, yet it was her I would always seek out. I was spiritually curious and with very few words or actions she was a calming force that would later set my journey in motion. In her own words, “never teaching only guiding”. 

Today, I am a wife, mother of three, CEO and a proud second-generation numerologist.  I always add proud because for a long time, I was embarrassed.  I lived many years dimming my light for the acceptance of others. Secretly working with my Aunt Rita and through my darkest of times leaning on numerology to guide me and make me whole. Throughout my entire life, I have always been the go-to friend for advice and guidance but saying the word numerologist gave young me such angst.  A few years ago, I remember observing my daughters. I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness thinking how I would feel if one of them didn’t follow their dreams because they were scared of what others would think of them. I was immediately reminded that once upon a time, I was fearless too.  It was the exact moment I remembered my Aunt Rita’s advice and I asked my angels to bring forth the people who needed me and I promised I would be of service.  Once I made that declaration I was immediately bombarded with the thought. Now what? 

Two years ago, I was sitting, with drink in hand, on a beach in Aruba with my family. I kept hearing the words Goddess and Giving over and over again. I knew this was the angels communicating and guiding me. I pushed out any fear and tapped into what I’ve worked so hard to possess and I finally saw it.  Goddess Giving.  What looks like two random words to you has become the foundation of every fiber of my spiritual being. The years of learning, collaborating and finding my way finally had a home.  All the years I felt I had a purpose to fulfill, a mission to complete, a calling to create finally showed itself to me. 

When I returned home, I was more determined than ever.  I propped up my phone, I took a deep breath and I hit record on what would become my first of thousands of live videos that spoke my truth and would help awaken the spirit of those on the journey.  Today, I have a thriving and safe, spiritual community that celebrates these women and all they possess. I support them in the same way Aunt Rita supported me. There is no fear or shame only light and love to be shared.  

I share my story of origin with you today to help you launch your spiritual story of tomorrow.  Once you allow yourself the freedom to share your gifts and abilities it will manifest the map of your journey. This I promise and look forward to witnessing. 




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